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Hydropower station
Hydropower Station
Temperature sensor of pipeline and auxiliary engine

Product description
The sensor can be disassembled without shutdown, and the sensor can be disassembled quickly. The temperature sensor with double-casing pipe structure is used at the measuring points of air temperature, water pipeline and oil pipeline.
It is applied in monitoring the temperatures of air cooler, cooling water pipeline and oil pipeline of water turbine.
It is of a double-casing pipe structure, and the external casing pie is fixed on the pipeline for sealing treatment. The sensor can be installed and uninstalled without shutdown when the use environment is allowable. It can be wired flexibly, reliably and conveniently.
Chip type temperature sensing element is used inside, laser welding is used to enhance stability.
The temperature measuring resistor is of a movable ferrule thread structure, which has the advantage that the insertion depth of the temperature measuring resistor can be arbitrarily controlled. When the temperature measuring resistor is installed and uninstalled, only the movable nut needs to be tightened, and the tail conductor will not rotate with it.
The conductor can be protected by stainless steel hose to avoid the mechanical damage of the conductor and facilitate the on-site wiring.
Oil and high-temperature resistant conductor is shielded reliably, ensuring that it will not have season cracking for 8 years.