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Sealing temperature sensor of oil groove and spindle
Temperature sensor square connector

Square connector of temperature sensor
The square connector of Testeck temperature sensor can effectively resist vibration and impact and prevent the disconnection caused by pulling the cable. IP68 is sealed, waterproof and oil-proof. It is absolutely safe and reliable when being used, and it is easy to plug in and out in a very limited space. 

Applications of square connector of temperature sensor
It is applied in monitoring the temperature of bearing bush and oil groove of hydrogenerator.

Features of square connector of temperature sensor
Solve the problem that the calibration probe needs to be rewired during overhaul, greatly accelerate the overhaul progress and reduce the overhaul difficulty. 
Once the wiring in the oil groove is completed and if the probe needs to be calibrated during overhaul, just loosen the connector and remove the probe. The wiring in the oil groove can be kept intact.
To install the sensor in the oil groove, you can complete the wiring separately, install the probe, and then connect the cable and the probe.
When installing and uninstalling the connector, just loosen the external connecting ring to eliminate the complicated steps of stripping and wiring.
The connector thread is opposite to the probe thread. When loosening the external connecting ring, the probe and the rear cable will not rotate correspondingly.