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Enclosed bus temperature measurement

Generally, the rated current of the motor stator is 10.59kA, and the rated voltage of the stator is 15.75kv. The outgoing line is directly connected with the main transformer by the fully connected isolated phase bus. Generally, the temperature measurement system of generator station unit enclosed bus consists of 6 in-situ control boxes and can monitor the temperature of enclosed bus shell and conductor, including generator neutral point enclosed bus, generator outlet enclosed bus, enclosed buses at both sides of generator circuit breaker, enclosed bus at Pt section of generator outlet, enclosed buses between generator-transformer units and enclosed bus at low voltage side of main transformer. There are 54 measuring points in total, 27 of which monitor the temperature of enclosed bus conductor through infrared temperature measurement, display it on the digital display screen of in-situ control cabinet and send it to the monitoring system. Other 27 measuring points monitor the temperature of enclosed bus shell by Pt100 thermal resistance and only display it on the digital display screen of in-situ control cabinet. (As the unit sizes are different, the temperature measuring points of the enclosed bus are different accordingly.)
S series temperature sensor-end-face resistor(used to measure the temperature of enclosed bus shell)

Features of end face
The chip-type temperature sensing element adopts laser welding technology to prevent the solder joints from loosening or falling off in case of strong vibration, which effectively improves the stability of measurement.
With a simple structure, it has good long-term stability and responses quickly when the end face of the sensor is close to the surface of the measured object.
It is especially suitable for installation and use in a narrow space or special occasions, and its volume is very small.
Oil and high temperature resistant shielded conductor, jacket and insulating layer are made of special polymers, which can work in the oil temperature of 100℃ for eight years.  
The copper-plated silver core has good conductivity, and the equilibrium degree of each hundred meters is less than 0.05Ω.
The corrugated pipe protective device can effectively bear the load of the joint of rigid material and flexible material and prevent the conductor from breaking when the tail conductor swings frequently.
Technical parameters of end-face resistor
Index: Pt100
Number of elements: Single piece
Temperature measuring range: -40℃~180℃
Wire system: Three-wire system
Tolerance grade: Class A
Thermal response time: (τ < 15s)
Excitation current: ≤ 5mA
Probe material and outer diameter: SUS304Φ5
Insulation strength: DC1KV/min
Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ/100Vd.c.
Lead tensile resistance: 10N
Cable length: 20m-30m (determined according to the site distance)
Immersion test: Dry it after soaking it for 2 hours. Tolerance, insulation resistance and insulation strength meet the above requirements. 
Lead: Multi-stranded silver-plated copper core wire, number of strands/wire diameter: 19 strands/0.15mm
Installation mode: Movable thread or tabletting. The lead wires can be protected by a corrugated pipe to avoid lead wire damage.
Intelligent infrared thermometer (used to measure the conductor temperature of enclosed bus)
Measurement range: -40℃-1,030℃
Measurement accuracy: ±1% or ±1.5℃ of the measured value, whichever is higher (ring temperature: 23℃±5℃)
Repeat accuracy: ±0.5% or ±1℃ of the measured value, whichever is higher (ring temperature: 23℃±5℃)
Spectral response: 8~14μm
Response time: 500ms (95%)
Distance coefficient: 15:1
Protection grade: IP65
Ambient temperature: -20℃~120℃
Relative humidity: 10-95% (no condensation)
Working power: 24VDC
Wiring: Two-wire system
Output: 4-20mA, 0~15V or 0~110V
Distance coefficient: 15:1, CF lens are equipped to measure 0.8mm minimally. 
Function: Signal short circuit and power reverse connection protection function
Cable length: 3-6m (determined according to site distance)