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Product series
IP68 local terminal box
IP68 local terminal box
Basic terminal box
Product description
The terminal box mainly makes the cable transfer fast, convenient, reliable and sealed, which is one of the essential equipment in the field wiring of power station.
It is used for cable transfer from sensor to panel, wind tunnel and other places.
Customized production, dozens of size options.
Waterproof, dustproof, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful appearance and stable performance.
The terminal block has good toughness and flame retardancy. Crimping frame structure, large contact pressure, self-locking, anti vibration and anti loose function, conductive body
Electroplated tin alloy ensures very low contact resistance and good air tightness.
It is suitable for single strand, multi strand and thin multi strand conductors, and it is also suitable for thin multi strand conductors with terminal caps or pins, or after being tightened
Handling of thin stranded conductors.
Technical data
Working environment: - 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Wiring capacity: 0.2mm-4mm
Maximum load current: 24a
Rated voltage: 800V
Sectional area of solid core wire: 0.2mm-4mm
Cross section of multi-core wire used: 0.2mm-2.5mm
Stripping length: 7mm
Maximum tightening torque: 0.8nm
Flame retardant rating of terminal: in accordance with UL 94 V2
Connection standard: in accordance with IEC 60947-7-1
Box material: non-magnetic stainless steel