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Product series
Outlet device of oil groove
Integrated outgoing round oil groove outgoing device

Product description
It is convenient for sensor wiring, outgoing and reliable sealing in the oil groove.
It is applied in outgoing of the oil groove of water-turbine generator set.
The problem of outgoing line of temperature measuring resistance oil groove is solved. Connection is not required on the oil groove wall, which realizes reliable sealing.
The wire outside the oil groove can be protected by stainless steel hose to avoid the mechanical damage of the wire and facilitate the wiring on site.
The wiring in the oil groove adopts a more reasonable process to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the temperature measuring resistor.
Stainless steel or Q235 carbon steel whose quality is the same as the oil groove is selected to facilitate on-site welding. The outgoing line panel is nickel-plated to prevent on-site rusting.
The number of outgoing lines can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
Technical parameters
Material: 304 carbon steel nickel plating
Protection grade: IP68
Pressure resistance: 3Mpa
Installation mode: Welding (round)
Number of outgoing lines: 5-28
Cable clamping range: 3-7mm or 4-8mm