Product series
Temperature transmitter and controller
Digital intelligent temperature transmitter (Z series)

Product description
This product is a kind of configurable intelligent temperature transmitting sensor. It receives 2, 3 and 4-wire Pt100 thermal resistance input, conducts linear processing for input signal and outputs 4-20mA standard signal. It has the function of sensor open circuit fault alarm.
It is applied in water and oil pipelines to display temperature data in situ and transmit temperature data remotely.
The chip-type Pt100 temperature sensing element adopts laser welding technology to prevent the solder joints from loosening or falling off in case of strong vibration, which effectively improves the stability of measurement.
It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, gas or steam medium.
It can display the temperature data in situ, and it can also monitor and control the temperature with the computer system.
With highlighted LED display, built-in transmitter module conducts linear processing for the signal.
The explosion-proof type complies with GB3836.1- 2000 and GB3836.2-2000, and it can be used in specified explosion-proof occasions.
Technical data
Temperature measuring range:-200℃~180℃
Wire system: Three-wire system
Conversion accuracy: ≤ 0.2%
Temperature drift: <0. 02% FS/ 1℃(-20~60℃)
Display digits: Four digits
Display accuracy: ≤ 0.1% ± one word
Output signal: Analog quantity 4~20mA
Current limit: ≤ 23mA
Power voltage: 11~30 VDC
Ambient temperature: -40~85℃
Maximum load: (V power supply-11V) / 0.025A (current output)
Protection grade: IP67