Product series
Temperature transmitter and controller
Integrated temperature transmitter (I series )

Product description
This product is a kind of configurable intelligent temperature transmitting sensor. It receives 2, 3 and 4-wire Pt100 thermal resistance input, conducts linear processing for input signal and outputs 4-20mA standard signal. It has the function of sensor open circuit fault alarm.
It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, gas or steam medium. It receives the input signal of standard graduation thermal resistance and generates 4~20mA standard signal with linear temperature to be measured. It matches with computer system to detect and control various temperatures. 
Temperature measurement range: -200℃~180℃
Conversion accuracy: ≤ 0.2%
Output signal: Analog quantity 4~20mA
Current limit: ≤ 23mA
Power voltage: 8~30VDC
Ambient temperature: --40℃~85℃
Maximum load: (V power supply-8V)/0.025A (current output)
Technical data
Work environment
a. Ambient temperature: - 25℃~85℃ (- 40℃ ~90℃ in a special case)
b. Relative temperature: 5%~95%
c. Mechanical vibration: 10~150HZ, A=0.15mm
d. there is no medium causing transmitter corrosion in the surrounding air
Electromagnetic interference: When there is a radio transmitter with 2020~1,000MHZ and 5W power working 0.5m away from the transmitter, the change is between ±0.15%F•S.
Temperature drift: For every 1℃ change of temperature environment, the zero change is between ±0.15%F•S, and the range change is between 0.01%F•S.