Product series
Temperature transmitter and controller
Intelligent display controller (D series)
Product description
D series intelligent display controller is a new type of instrument independently developed by introducing foreign advanced technology and aiming at the particularity of hydropower industry. Accuracy, anti-interference, intelligence, stability and reliability of the instrument have reached the international advanced level and can completely replace the imported display controller.
Special design for temperature monitoring in hydropower plant, including temperature display and control of on-site temperatures of pad, oil groove, cooling water, cooling oil, stator, air cooler, enclosed bus and main transformer requiring protection or non-protection.
Special design for liquid level monitoring in hydropower plant, including on-site liquid level display and control of oil groove of thrust bearing, oil grooves of upper and lower guide bearings, oil grooves of water guide bearings requiring protection and non-protection.
Special design for flow monitoring in hydropower plant, including the on-site flow display and control of air cooler cooling pipe and cooling pipe flow requiring protection and non-protection.
Special design of pressure monitoring in hydropower plant, including the on-site pressure display and control of technical water supply, pressure of water diversion pipeline requiring protection and non-protection.
It is applicable to copper, platinum resistor, thermocouple, all kinds of standards and non-standard signals.
Single and double-screens display measured value and control target value, and multiple alarm relay outputs are optional.
The relay can set delay output.
The display controller has the functions of disconnection and locking. Sensor disconnection, disconnection fault relay output, alarm relay output locking (self-holding) can effectively prevent false shutdown,and they are used for protecting unit emergency shutdown. 
The display controller has the function of gradient locking (break variable locking) and can effectively prevent the unit from being shut down by mistake and is used for protecting unit emergency shutdown.
Microcomputer chip and intelligent instrument are used, and you can set parameters and calibrate instruments directly on the panel.
EEPROM data protection is adopted for power failure, and all parameters and working conditions set can be saved permanently.
The control and output adopt photoelectric isolation, which overcomes the interference of the control object against the machine and enhances the stability.
It has an automatic zero calibration system, which overcomes the temperature zero drift caused by the instrument changes with the ambient temperature.
It has a watchdog circuit with an automatic reset function. When reset, the output state of the relay remains unchanged.
The control mode and range of pressure, flow and water level instruments can be set, and D/A can track the range automatically.
RS422, 232, 485, MODBUS communication interface or D/A output shall be selected for networking with upper computer.
Technical data
Ambient temperature: -30℃~70℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%
Working power: AC 220V±15%, 50±5HZ; DC: DC110~220V; switching power: AC and DC 220~100V±20%; special: DC48V
Display range: 0~100℃, -50~150℃, -1,999~9,999
Basic error: ≤±0.5%±1 word, special: ±0.2%±1 word
Linear error: < 0.2%
Temperature drift: < 0.01% / K
Display form: Single screen: 4-digit 0.8"LED red and green screens: upper 4-digit 0.8" LED display measurement value, lower 4-digit 0.36 "LED display set value; resolution: 0.1℃;
Anti-interference: When inputting common mode 220VAC, series mode 50mV(AC) 50Hz interference voltage, the change of display value is less than the basic error
Control setting: Keyboard number setting, control error: 0.1%FS±1 word
Output mode: Relay contact capacity: 220VAC, 3A
RS485 or RS422, RS232, MODBUS communication function (optional)
Analog output: 0~10mA (load resistance ≤ 1,000Ω); 0~5V (optional)
4~20mA (load resistance ≤ 500 Ω); 1~5V (optional)
Power consumption: The power consumption of the whole machine is not more than 5W. 
Display mode: Display “H-A” when exceeding the upper range, display “L-A” when exceeding the lower range and display “A-A” when the couple is disconnected.
Protection grade: IP 20 (DIN 40050), IP 50 (front)
Weight: 300-1,000g