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Hydropower Station
Special cable for Hydropower Station

Description of TST special shielded signal cable
It can meet the requirements of reliable signal transmission of sensors and instruments, and it can work in turbine pit, wind tunnel, stator and oil groove for a long time and resist strong electric and magnetic field interference.
Applications of TST special shielded signal cable
It is applied in the signal transmission of sensors and instruments.
Features of TST special shielded signal cable
● Oil, high-temperature and corrosion resistance.
● It has excellent mechanical properties and can withstand metal impact and cutting with high strength. It has very high tensile strength and can withstand repeated bending for a long time.
● Compact metal shielding layer can resist the interference of strong magnetic and electric fields on signal transmission.
● Red copper silver-plated conductor can prevent the oxidation of conductor in long-term high temperature environment and improve the conductivity of conductor.
● The resistivity of two cores of multi-core conductor is very balanced, and the resistance difference is less than 0.05Ω/100M.
Technical parameters of TST special shielded signal cable
● Temperature measuring range: -50~200℃
● Short time withstand: -85~300℃
● Working in oil temperature of 100℃ for eight years
● The withstand voltage level of outer jacket and insulation layer is more than 2,000V.
● The balance degree per one hundred meters <0.05Ω
● The conductor has 2, 3, 4 and 6 cores for options.