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Temperature sensor of generator
Temperature measurement of stator core

It is embedded in the iron core of the generator stator. Once the iron core is stacked, the temperature measuring element will not be removed. What is mostly concerned is long-term stability and service life.
Element: It is a thin film element or a wire winding element. The platinum resistor size of the thin film element can be made very small, which is convenient for the arrangement and installation in a narrow space. There are two types of unit and double elements available.
Insulation shell: Class F and class H insulation materials can be provided. 
Lead: high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic insulated fluoroplastic sheathed control cable. 

Customization features
The high-temperature heat-shrinking film package is placed outside the insulation shell of platinum resistor, which improves the insulation performance of the platinum resistor and protects the probe root to avoid wire breakage.
Platinum resistor or thermocouple can be selected as required.
The lead wire of platinum resistor can be round wire, flat wire and loose wire.
The wire system is generally three-wire system, and it can be made into two-wire system and four-wire system according to the needs of users.

Technical requirements
Graduation: Pt100
Temperature range: 0℃~180℃, tolerance Class B
Wire system: Three-wire system, single piece/double pieces
Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance value at room temperature shall not be less than 100MΩ, and it shall be greater than 20MΩ at 180℃.
Withstand voltage: Apply 50Hz and 1,500V to platinum resistor (including lead wire) for 1min. It is intact.
Pressure resistance: Apply 2MPa for 60s to platinum resistor without deformation, short circuit and open circuit, and the resistance value meets the requirements.
Longitudinal tension of lead wire: The tension that lead wire and sensing body can bear along the longitudinal direction is 50N, and the time is 15s.
Airtightness: The lead wire of the platinum resistor is reliably sealed with the sensor body.