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Temperature sensor of generator
Water temperature measurement of stator end, tooth support and coil cooler

It is installed at the end of the stator to measure the temperature at the end of the stator and ensure that the temperature change at the end is monitored timely and accurately.
Due to the limitation of installation position, the probe size is generally required to be very small.

Customization features
Special structure design, small probe diameter and length.
In order to prevent loosening, anti-loosening structure can be provided.
Special shielded conductor has excellent mechanical properties can withstand long-term bending.

Technical requirements
Graduation: Pt100
Temperature range: 0℃~180℃, tolerance Class B
Wire system: Three-wire system, single pieces/double pieces
Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance value at room temperature shall not be less than 100MΩ, and it shall be greater than 20MΩ at 180℃.
Longitudinal tension of lead wire: The tension that lead wire and sensing body can bear along the longitudinal direction is 50N, and the time is 15s.
The lead wire connector of platinum resistor is welded reliably.
The quality and appearance of platinum resistor meet the requirements of IEC751.