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Thermal power station
Thermal power station
Special cable for thermal power station

Advantages of special cable for non-electric quantity signal of Testeck power meter:
Oil resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, moisture resistant, flame retardant, anti-interference, silver-plated conductor and stable signal
Special signal cable process of thermal power station:
The cable is produced by extrusion process, and the DDR and BBR parameters are accurately controlled to ensure the bonding force between insulation layer and conductor. In the process of production, the line diameter is measured synchronously by laser to ensure the uniformity of the outer diameter of the cable. Online voltage withstand testing is the most critical quality testing process in the flow production line. All cables need to pass strict online voltage withstand testing to be qualified and offline and to ensure reliable electrical performance. All processes are highly automated, and PLC programming is used to accurately control the key parameters of the cable to achieve stable and reliable signal transmission.
The special signal cable for thermal power station is manufactured according to Q/TST-DL-001-2010, and it can also be manufactured according to IEC, British standard, German standard and American standard recommended by International Electrotechnical Commission according to user’s requirements.

Special signal cable structure of thermal power station:
There are four protective layers: sheath layer, shielding layer, winding layer and insulation layer. Each layer plays an important protection role:

Technical characteristics of special signal cable for thermal power station:
Silver-plated conductor
THA cable has 2-core, 3-core, 4-core and 6-core specifications. Each core conductor is composed of 7, 19 or 48 strands. The diameter of each conductor is Φ0.15, Φ0.20 or Φ 0.23.
It is made of silver-plated copper. The silver-plated conductor surface can prevent the core wire from being oxidized under high temperature for a long time, reduce contact resistance and ensure stable signal transmission.
Mechanical property
The tensile strength of the cable is mainly borne by the core wire, and the resistance to repeated load is also necessary. The cable has excellent performance in the purity of the material and the production process.

Balanced resistance of each core
THA cable has 2~6 cores. The resistance balance of each core of multi-core cable is very important for signal transmission.
The resistance of each conductor in the cable shall be kept at the same height. For example, the overall resistance of Pt100 temperature sensor cable in three-wire system is basically compensated, but the resistance difference between each wire will be added to the measurement signal through the bridge.

Characteristics of special signal cable for Testeck thermal power station:
The jacket and insulation layer of special signal cable for thermal power station are made of non-metallic polymer to provide a variety of options for conductor and a built-in reinforcing layer to enhance the mechanical property of the cable. Moreover, it features excellent corrosion resistance, oil resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, excellent electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, low high-frequency loss, no moisture absorption, high insulation resistance, excellent fire resistance, aging resistance and long service life.
Conductor: Silver-plated copper, tin-plated copper
Sheath and insulation materials: Fluoroplastics, silica gel, polyolefin, PVC
Shielding materials: Tin-plated copper, nickel-plated copper, stainless steel
Shielding structure: Woven mesh shielding
Reinforcing layer: Glass fiber
Aluminum plastic shield can prevent high-frequency interference signal. 
Single-core insulation immersion voltage: 2,500V/5min without breakdown
Conductor to shielding: Power frequency voltage 1.5kV without breakdown
Core to core: Power frequency voltage 1.5kV without breakdown
Breaking tensile strength of insulation and sheath: ≥ 190kg/cm2
Breaking elongation of insulation and sheath: ≥ 250%
100% power frequency spark test and detection