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Pt100 thermal resistor

Pt100 is a platinum thermistor whose resistance is directly proportional to the change of temperature. The relationship between the resistance of PT100 and the change of temperature is as follows: When the temperature of Pt100 is 0℃, its resistance is 100Ω. When the temperature is 100℃, its resistance is about 138.5Ω. Its industrial principle is as follows: When PT100 is at 0℃, its resistance value is 100Ω. Its resistance value will grow at a constant speed with the temperature rising.
The principle of thermal resistor is to measure the temperature by using the property that the resistance of the substance changes with the change of temperature. When there is a temperature gradient in the measured medium, the measured temperature is the average temperature in the medium within the range of the temperature sensing element.
Applications pf Testeck PT100 thermal resistor
Pt100 thermal resistor is widely applied in medical, motor, industrial, temperature calculation, resistance calculation and other high-precision temperature equipments.
Pt100 thermal resistor measurement range and tolerance
Graduation      Precision                      Tolerance α
Pt100        A ±(0.15+0.002|t|)    0.003851±0.000006
                  B ±(0.30+0.005|t|)    0.003851±0.000012
For Pt100 platinum thermistor, Class A tolerance is not applicable to the temperature range of t>650℃, and Class A tolerance is not applicable to the platinum thermistor with a two-wire system.
Shenzhen Testeck Pt100 thermal resistor series products
      Product name                                        Model
Thermal resistor of spring pipe       S10Pt100-150-X-3231/F00S200
Thermal resistor of corrugated pipe         S08Pt100-200-X-3113/C01K600
Thermal resistor of sheathed wire         S12Pt100-200-X-3113/F01K600
Thermal resistor of junction box structure         F12Pt100-200-3220/F04
Thermal resistor of end face         S06Pt100-20-X-3110/A00
Thermal resistor of chip-type stator  RTD        T2010Pt100-100-5-3200/01
Thermal resistor of winding stator  RTD        TW2010Pt100-100-2-3104/00F200/X2
Thermal resistor of 1000MW unit core and magnetic shield        TRZ-10/304-5-18/PA41A01/SY-15
Thermal resistor of bearing bush         TRZ-C06/304-7-25/PA32J01/SY-8
Thermal resistor of 1000MW unit water main        TRK-S10/304-6-195/PA22A/LN
Thermal resistor of 1000MW unit water main outlet        TRZ-C10/304-4-20/PA41K01/SY-10
Thermal resistor of unit cooler        TRZ-S00/304-6-315/PA22A/SN
Thermal resistor of copper shielding and coil cooling water        TRZ-C00/304-5-6/PA31A01/LY-6
Thermal resistor of water main lead-out bushing         TRZ-C10/304-4-20/PA31K01/SY-8
Thermal resistor of water main porcelain bushing outlet         TRZ-C06/304-6-18/PA32B01/LY-3
Thermal resistor of generator cooler hot and cold air        TRZ-C01/F-4828.5-152/PA31A01/SY-0.5
Thermal resistor of unit external water main         TRZ-S02/304-6-80-230/PA32C/LY
Thermal resistor of bearing return oil         TRZ-S02/304-6-80-230/PA32C/LY
Thermal resistor of bearing bush        TRZ-C12/304-5-79/PA32J02/SY-8
Thermal resistor of coil interlayer stator         TRZ-C01/H-2010-60/PA31A01/LY-1.5
Thermal resistor of generator coil interlayers         TRZ-C01/H-2510-500/PA41A01/SY-15
Thermal resistor of core magnetic shielded stator         TRZ-C11/H-2512-100/PA32A01/SY-6