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Multipoint thermocouple thermal resistor

Multipoint thermocouple is suitable for the situation that temperature gradient in the production site is not significant and the measurement of multiple locations or single location. Multipoint thermocouple is widely applied in large chemical fertilizer synthesis tower, storage tank and other devices.

Features of multipoint thermocouple
Measurement function: It can accurately measure the temperature of the living body and shell temperature. It can measure the temperature of small objects. It can quickly measure the small changes of the temperature. It can measure the temperature of maximal four observation points at the same time. The temperature at the reference end is 0% of the ice-water mixture.
Multipoint thermal resistor is used to measure the temperature gradient in the container or storage tank on the production site. It is necessary to measure the temperature at multiple locations at the same time. As a temperature sensor, multipoint thermal resistor is usually connected with a multichannel display regulator, recorder or PLC system to measure and record the temperature of different gradient points.
Features of multipoint thermistor
1. Multipoint measurement, multipoint signal output and temperature display
2. Multipoint thermal resistor adopts sheathed thermal resistor element which is easily bent.
3. Quick thermal response time
4. Long service life