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Product series
Bearing bush temperature sensor
SP series temperature sensor--suspension connector

Product description
Suspension connector is specially designed for quick connection, convenient overhaul, rapid wiring of the sensor signal cable of the hydro-generator and improving work efficiency. The stripping part of the sensor cable is transformed into this structure so that the sensor can be quickly disassembled and verified and achieve quick replacement at the later stage without rewiring. This device can also replace the damaged cable in the oil groove.

It is applied in wiring the oil groove of water-turbine generator set.

It solves the problem of wiring in the oil groove of temperature measurement resistor. During overhaul, it is not necessary to rewire in the oil groove.
During assembly and disassembly, just loosen the external connecting ring to eliminate the complicated steps of stripping and wiring.
The connector thread is opposite to the probe thread. When loosening the external connecting ring, the probe and the rear cable will not rotate correspondingly.
It can effectively resist vibration and impact and prevent the disconnection caused by pulling the cable. It is absolutely safe and reliable when being used, and it is easy to plug in and out in a very limited space.

Technical parameters
Plugging times: >5,000 times
Humidity: Up to 95% at 60℃
Temperature measurement range: -40℃~180℃
Anti-vibration performance: 10-2,000Hz, 15g
Anti-impact resistance: 100g, 6ms
Salt spray corrosion test: >14 4 h
Protection grade (when inserting): IP68
Shielding effect: >75db (at 10MHz)/>40dB (at 1GHz)