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2016 New Material Industry Development Summit Forum held in Shenzhen
On November 24, 2016, 2016 New Material Industry Development Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen. With a theme of “Innovative development of new material industry assists Made-in-China 2025”, it fully implemented Made-in-China 2025 Plan, achieving breakthroughs in new material industry technology, taking the “intelligent manufacturing” development as the core, promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization and advancing the progress of the new material products industry 4.0 in China.
In this meeting, the academician Zhao Liancheng, an expert in optoelectronic information science and engineering, and the academician Qian Xigao, an expert in polymer modified and heat-resistant polymer materials, were invited as guests, and many experts in the instrument industry attended the meeting.
2016 New Material Industry Development Summit Forum focused on the hot and difficult issues in the development of strategic emerging industries such as new polymer materials, new information materials and technologies, rail transit, etc., to find a breakthrough for new material problems in the instrument industry.
Sponsor, organizer and supporter:
Sponsor: China Instrument Functional Materials Industry Association, National Instrument Functional Materials Engineering Technology Research Center
Organizer: Shenzhen Testeck Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
Supporter: Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, China Instrument Industry Association












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