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Xi’an substation explosion highlights the importance of temperature sensor

In the early morning of June 18, an explosion occurred in a power plant in the south of Xi’an City, causing power outage in most surrounding areas and water outage in some areas. Later, we learned that the explosion was caused by the fire which was caused by the equipment failure. Although no casualties were caused in the early morning, how to prevent such a serious accident deserves our deep consideration.

Fire at the substation explosion site in the south of Xi’an City

The author thinks that no matter what kind of equipment has a fault, the temperature of the equipment will rise a lot before the fire. If there is a reliable and durable temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of each important equipment and components, the abnormal temperature can be detected before the fire, and the emergency measures can be taken immediately to avoid the accident.

In fact, there are many fire and explosion accidents in our life. Before the accident, the temperature in the fault area will be be abnormal. If we can effectively monitor the abnormal temperature change, we will be able to predict it in advance. It can be seen that the temperature sensor has an early warning function for such accidents.In some production and living places where accidents may occur, it is necessary to install temperature sensors correctly to monitor the temperature and select stable and durable temperature sensors. In this way, the accident can be predicted in advance, and effective measures can be taken in time to avoid or reduce the accidents.
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