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Temperature measurement system of hydropower station

Hydroelectric power plant (hydropower station) is a complex system. A large number of temperature measurement points need to be controlled and monitored so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the unit, avoid unexpected shutdown due to sensor failure, optimize the maintenance period and ensure the service life of the generator set.
Temperature measurement of hydropower station
As a part of the monitoring system, the temperature measurement system of hydropower station, which integrates measurement, processing, analysis, alarm and protection functions of the equipment temperature, plays an important role in the automation system of hydropower station. Stable, reliable and accurate temperature measurement system is the basis of safe and stable operation of the power station. The core temperature measurement of the stator winding of the water turbine is aimed at the temperature measurement of the winding of the large and medium-sized hydro-generator. The special winding stator temperature sensor is used to monitor the temperature of the stator winding of the hydro-generator set of the hydropower station. Thrust and guide bearing pad temperature measurement and bearing pad temperature are directly related to the safe operation of water turbine unit. It is of great importance. The monitoring of bearing pad temperature must be accurate and reliable. The temperature measurement of the cooling system of the hydropower station requires the cooling of bearing system, stator and rotor winding and iron core during the operation of the water turbine unit. The temperature monitoring of the inlet and outlet of the cooling system can reflect the operation of the cooling system and the generator unit and ensure the safe operation of the unit.
Industry leading
Testeck has the highest market share in the field of water and electricity temperature measurement. It has provided maintenance and transformation of temperature monitoring system for more than 800 hydropower stations and 2,400 hydro-generators in China. 85% of power stations above 1 million kilowatts use Testeck’s temperature sensors. Enduring: Testeck has been serving China’s hydropower industry for many years. Our sensors have been working under the worst conditions such as immersion, impact and electromagnetic interference, but these have never affected the stability of our products. Being durable and reliable is our biggest advantage, and each sensor can work stably for more than 8 years. Concentration and professionalism: We monitor every detail of the hydropower station: thrust, guide bearing, oil groove, air cooler, main transformer, stator winding and stator core. The designed sensors have different features: oil resistance, temperature resistance, root disconnection prevention, oil anti-seepage and easy installation, ensuring the excellent completion of every detail of the monitoring task. Excellent service: Testeck has good R&D team, excellent engineer team who can make timely and excellent response. We are tailor-made for each hydropower plant, and each product is tempered to meet your requirements.
Reliable quality
Quality has always been what we feel proud the mostly. Through 10 years of unremitting efforts, Testeck has established a perfect quality system. Our product quality and every detail are based on the needs of our customers to ensure that we meet their needs. Our quality control involves every link of the production process from incoming material control, production process control, product performance test to product warehousing inspection and from system, actual monitoring to quality documents. We try our best to make the product quality to be the best. High-quality service: Testeck engineers directly go to the power plant to provide the temperature measurement product specifications and transformation plan that meet the requirements.
Customer performance
As of December 2013, the temperature sensors of Testeck have been successfully operated in more than 2,000 power stations and 6,000 generator sets across the country. The following is a list of some projects. Project name  Installed capacity Manufacturer Supply time  Operation condition. The list of some of Testeck hydropower projects  32×700MW Harbin Electric, DFEM, Alstom, Voith, Ge 2010   So far, all of them are in normal operation.  Gezhouba 21×125MW  Harbin Electric and DFEM 2010, 2011 and 2012   So far, all of them are in normal operation. Xiaowan 6×700MW  Alstom 2010, 2011 and 2012  So far, all of them are in normal operation.  Pubugou 6×600MW DFEM 2010  It has been successfully transformed.   Longtan 7×700MW  DFEM  Harbin Electric 2010 So far, all of them are in normal operation. Goupitan 5×600MW DFEM  Alstom 2010  The first three units have been transformed intensively, generating obvious effects. 4# and 5# units have been ordered.  Xiluodu 4×800MW DFEM, Harbin Electric, Alstom 2011, 2012  The products have been ordered and installed successfully.

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