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Temperature measurement of stator winding core of water turbine
In view of the winding temperature measurement of large and medium-sized hydro-generator, a special winding stator temperature sensor is used to monitor the stator winding temperature of hydro-generator in hydropower station.
Stator winding, iron core and tooth support. Continuous monitoring, overheating prevention, long-term trend, alarm, shutdown protection and false shutdown prevention. The temperature sensing element extends to most of the sensors with small temperature rise to avoid local hot spot danger.

Core technology
It is higher than the national standard and can be customized according to the requirements of customers: high stability and consistency; anti-magnetization, anti-corona; high insulation, long service life.
Thin-film temperature measuring resistor
It has good long-term stability and can produce temperature sensor with a small size. It is suitable for point measurement and narrow space. Temperature limit: Class F: 155℃, Class H: 180℃; main material: Class F: epoxy glass fiber laminate, Class H: high-temperature epoxy glass fiber laminate, polyimide glass fiber laminate.
Wire winding temperature measuring resistor
Field temperature measurement for medium and large generators; small temperature rise, reliable temperature measurement; customized according to the actual situation of customers.
Product series
According to different parts of motor temperature measurement, we provide 4 kinds of special products for you to choose: embedded thermal resistor for motor, applicable site: motor winding, iron core temperature monitoring, high-voltage motor thermal resistor, applicable site: high-voltage motor winding coil temperature monitoring, PTC thermistor, applicable site: motor three-phase coil temperature monitoring, motor bearing thermal resistor, applicable site: motor bearing bush surface, oil and water temperature monitoring. 

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