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Temperature measurement of thrust and guide bearing bush
Bearing bush temperature is directly related to the safe operation of the water turbine unit. It is of great importance. The monitoring of bearing bush temperature shall be accurate and reliable, and the temperature measurement value shall not jump.


The bearing bush of water turbine is the main component to prevent the swinging and vibration, stabilize the axis and bear radial load and axial hydraulic thrust caused by the rotation of the unit. It plays an important role in the water turbine generator unit. The high-speed rotating friction makes the temperature of the bearing bush rise rapidly. In normal use, the temperature of the bearing bush shall not change greatly within the appropriate temperature range. When the external temperature changes little, the temperature of the bearing bush rises by 3℃~5℃, the causes for the temperature rise of the bearing bush shall be checked. If not, the bearing bush burning accident caused by the temperature rise is likely to occur. In serious cases, the thrust plate or the main shaft may be burned and scrapped.

Temperature measurement requirements of bearing bush

Testeck has advanced production technology to provide accurate temperature measurement. According to the requirements of different specifications of each unit, the temperature measuring thermal resistor of the bearing bush  is designed to meet the working environment. Imported Class-A temperature measurement chip is used to strictly test the delivered products and ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement value. In order to prevent the temperature jumping, Testeck provides integrated structure sealing for bearing bush temperature measurement resistor, laser welding technology, process design and production to prevent the chip falling and connection loosening in the high vibration environment. The temperature measurement value is stable and reliable. In the high-frequency vibration and oil corrosion, it is easy to cause root disconnection, which has a serious impact on the production of power plant. Testeck has many years of experience in the overhaul and transformation of the temperature measurement system of hydropower station. It adopts spring pipe, corrugated pipe, sheathed wire and other protections. According to the different application requirements of the unit, the most suitable protections are applied. In addition, the special signal cable of hydropower station developed by Testeck is used to prevent the root disconnection and improve the reliability and long-term use of the temperature measurement resistor.

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