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Temperature measurement of cooling system of hydropower station
Bearing system, stator and rotor windings and iron core shall be cooled during the operation of water turbine unit. The cooling system of the hydropower station is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the unit. The temperature monitoring of the inlet and outlet of the cooling system can reflect the operation of the cooling system and the generator unit and ensure the safe operation of the unit. 


The cooling system of hydropower station consists of water cooling system and air cooling system. The temperature measurement of temperature resistor of cooling system in the circulating pipeline shall have excellent sealing and pressure resistance, and it shall be easy to install and free of oil leakage. The temperature and thermal resistor of Testeck air cooling system is made of anti-magnetic stainless steel, which can effectively prevent water and dust. Imported Class-A temperature sensing chip is used, which can measure temperature accurately, be installed conveniently and meet the temperature measurement requirements of cooling system of various hydropower stations with various kinds.

Accurate temperature measurement

The chip-type temperature sensing element adopts laser welding technology to prevent the solder joints from loosening or falling off in case of strong vibration, which effectively improves the stability of measurement.

Easy installation

The temperature measurement resistor of the cooling system adopts a split structure. The sensor can be installed and uninstalled without shutdown, and it can be quickly installed and uninstalled the wiring. It is convenient and reliable. 

Various specifications

A variety of junction boxes of different specifications can meet the requirements of air cooling temperature measurement systems.

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