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Temperature measurement of boiler pulverizing system


The measuring point of the boiler pulverizing system and especially the outlet of the coal mill are seriously worn. Therefore, the selection of temperature casing pipe is very important. We suggest using high-temperature wear-resistant alloy or tungsten cobalt alloy to resist wear. 

Technical parameters


Measuring range

Nominal pressure

Total length/insertion depth

External protective pipe

Process connection
0~800 ≤9.8MPa 480/230 High-temperature wear-resistant alloy (CoCr)
Wear-resistant spraying (n)
Tungsten cobalt alloy (cow)
Fixed thread
Fixed flange
0~600 680/430
0~400 880/630

Recommended parameters

Measuring range
Number of pairs
Diameter of sheathed wire
Protective pipe  
Process connection
Pt100 0~400
Double pieces
Φ5 or Φ6

Tungsten cobalt alloy (Cow)
Fixed thread


At the outlet temperature measuring point of the coal mill, the temperature casing pipe is seriously worn under the erosion of high flow velocity pulverized coal particles. Its service life often cannot meet the requirements of stable operation of the unit. Therefore, the selection of wear-resistant casing pipe is very important, and its toughness and hardness shall be considered at the same time. Recommended product is TRK-S02/CoW-Φ-U-L/PA31C06/SY. 
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