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Temperature measurement of nuclear turbine generator
Turbo generator is the most important electrical equipment in the conventional island of nuclear power station. With the continuous increase of the unit capacity of the generator, the operation reliability of the generator is particularly important and prominent.

For the nuclear turbo generator, to improve product quality and reliability is the primary task at the design and manufacturing stages. After the grid operation, its temperature monitoring is of great significance.

Temperature measurement and resistance characteristics of nuclear turbo generator
1. High insulation and strong high-voltage isolation capacity
The  temperature measurement thermal resistor of nuclear turbine features high insulation and high voltage isolation, which can meet the temperature measurement application requirements of high power, high voltage and high current nuclear power generating units.

2. Large temperature measurement area and accurate temperature measurement
The stator radius of the nuclear turbo generator is large. It is difficult for the traditional generator to meet the temperature measurement requirements because of the small temperature measurement area. The thermal resistor of nuclear turbine is designed with a large sector structure to have a large temperature measurement range, eliminate the dead angle of temperature measurement and provide accurate temperature measurement.
3. Long-term stability
The temperature measuring resistor of nuclear turbine is made of high-quality raw materials and imported Class-A temperature measuring chip. With strict processing technology, it has excellent long-term stability and can meet the long-term operation and use cycle of nuclear power unit.
Application scope of nuclear power temperature measuring resistor
Temperature measurement of stator winding and iron core of nuclear turbo generator.

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