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Company culture
Annual Meeting in 2019
The year of 2018 was an important year for the development of Testeck. In this year, we took serious measures for internal management, improvement of working environment and working efficiency and paid more attention to staff quality. Thanks to our hard work, Shenzhen Testeck is like a bright pearl, reaching the industry peak again. Along the way, we are in the same boat. In 2019, let’s work side by side and create glories again.
Gansu and Qinghai Tours in 2018
In order to enhance the team consciousness of our employees, let them relax themselves and enjoy the pleasant natural scenery after work, we organized tours in Gansu and Qinghai. This does not only enrich our employees’ spare- time life and strengthens the communication and cooperation between departments but also make us more harmonious, better improve the cohesion of the enterprise, fully display our team spirit and let everyone work more passionately in the future.